Lawsuits Recover Consumers' Money Spent on Defective Kitchen Appliances

Stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic increased sales of kitchen appliances by 70 percent from March 15 to April 11, 2020. Sales of air purifiers increased 144 percent and the demand for electric pasta makers soared 462 percent. Short supply for the increased demand left manufacturers reimbursing consumers for defective products and striving to correct the defects in their electrical appliances.

General Electric Microwave Doors That Shatter

General Electric agrees to pay each consumer $300 in compensation for GE Profile or GE Monogram, model numbers JEB1090, JEB1095, ZMC1090, or ZMC 1095, microwave doors that shattered unexpectedly in the United States District Court of Connecticut. Epiq Class Action and Claims Solutions, Inc. is administering the class action settlement. Class members have been notified. The 68,000 shattered microwave doors are expected to cost General Electric $20 million. Epiq Depth successfully administers large class action and mass tort litigation settlements globally. Epiq represents individual consumers as well as the large corporate defendant.

Grayson Settlement Website Against General Electric

The Grayson Settlement website displays the original complaint against General Electric, the settlement agreement, the preliminary order, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can file a claim form from the settlement website or download a form and mail it to the Grayson Settlement to receive compensation from the settlement. Class members may dial 855-913-0602 toll free to file a claim or for additional information.

Faulty Linear Compressors in Lg Refrigerators

If your LG refrigerator stopped cooling within three years after purchase due to a manufacturer's defect, LG Electronics USA Inc. may reimburse you the purchase price of your refrigerator. LG is reimbursing consumers for faulty linear compressors in their refrigerators. The defective linear compressor on their refrigerators made them unreliable and many LG refrigerators stopped working entirely even though they were less than three years old. The problem, according to the LG Electronics USA Inc., is that tubing from the evaporator corroded and pitted resulting in tiny holes that allow air to enter the compressor.

Consumer Complaints

A consumer who purchased the LG Model LFX28978SB refrigerator complained that he had to throw away food twice in four months due to their “terrible product.” The consumer called the LG customer service line a joke and complained about his $348 service call.

A builder who installed Model LMXC23746S/00 LG refrigerators said in the entire 40 years that he built homes, he never had to deal with malfunctioning appliances. Water leaked from the ice maker and the refrigerator door.

Sharp Electronics Corporation

If your Sharp microwave drawer sparked, smoked, or malfunctioned, Sharp Electronics Corporation may agree to reimburse you. You’re eligible for reimbursement of $150 for your repair costs and $200 to repair kitchen cabinetry if you remove the microwave oven entirely. Sharp Electronics is settling consumer’s claims with:

• New microwave ovens with new warranties
• $250 in cash
• $500 in Sharp products

This settlement covers microwave drawers installed between January 2009 and August 2020. It does not cover countertop microwaves or microwaves built-in over your stove top. You have until May 7, 2021 to file a petition for compensation from the Sharp class action.

Bottom Freezers Leak Covering the Freezer with Ice

If your Whirlpool, Kenmore, Amana, or Maytag bottom-drawer freezer leaked water all over your floor while the appliance is only a little over a year old, the problem is a faulty drainage line at the bottom of the appliance. A heating element melts ice forming on your freezer's evaporator four times each day. If the drainage line is partially closed, water may freeze in the drainage tube and water spills onto the floor. A Kenmore Elite bottom freezer, about a year old, was covered with ice from water leaking from the freezer's drain. Class action attorneys investigating the feasibility of a class action lawsuit would like to talk to you if your bottom-drawer freezer leaked water onto your floor.

Class action defective product lawsuits hold manufacturers accountable for damages that result from their inferior craftsmanship. The General Electric lawsuit took seven years to settle. Social-distancing Americans hoarding food during the pandemic are buying new appliances rather than getting their old ones fixed. Also inconsistent with economic downturn is consumer demand sanitizing washing machines, exhaust fans with antibacterial, antiviral LED lights, and electric hand dryers for the home.

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