Could You Have Unclaimed Money? Here's How to Collect It

Johnnie Padberg
Published Jun 18, 2024

Could You Have Unclaimed Money? Here's How to Collect It

Unclaimed money is more common than you might think.

Millions of Americans have unclaimed funds waiting for them in various places, including old bank accounts, uncashed checks, and forgotten insurance policies. Here’s how you can find and claim your money.

Understanding Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money, also known as unclaimed property, refers to financial assets that have not been claimed by their rightful owners for a certain period.

These assets can include bank accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, utility deposits, insurance payouts, and even wages. When these assets go unclaimed, they are turned over to state governments, where they are held until claimed by the rightful owner.

How to Find Unclaimed Money

  1. Start with Your State’s Unclaimed Property Office: Each state in the U.S. has an unclaimed property office where you can search for unclaimed funds. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) provides a free website,, where you can search multiple states at once.

  2. Check Federal Agencies: Some unclaimed money is held by federal agencies. For example, the IRS holds unclaimed tax refunds, and the Treasury Department holds unclaimed savings bonds. Visit the official IRS and Treasury websites to search for unclaimed funds.

  3. Search for Unclaimed Pensions: If you or a deceased relative worked for a company with a pension plan, you might have unclaimed pension benefits. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) provides a searchable database for unclaimed pensions.

  4. Look for Uncashed Checks: If you think you might have uncashed checks from businesses, insurance companies, or other sources, contact those entities directly. They may have policies in place to help you claim your money.

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How to Claim Your Money

  1. Verify Your Identity: To claim unclaimed money, you will need to verify your identity. This usually involves providing personal information such as your Social Security number, proof of address, and sometimes even a notarized affidavit.

  2. Complete Required Forms: Each state and federal agency will have specific forms that need to be filled out to claim your money. Be sure to fill these out accurately and provide all required documentation.

  3. Follow Up: After submitting your claim, follow up with the respective office to ensure your claim is processed. Processing times can vary, so patience and persistence are key.

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Preventing Future Unclaimed Money

To avoid unclaimed money in the future, keep track of all your financial accounts and regularly update your address with all financial institutions.

Also, cash any checks promptly and keep a record of your financial activities.


Unclaimed money can be a valuable windfall if you know where to look and how to claim it. By taking advantage of state and federal resources, verifying your identity, and following up on your claims, you can successfully recover unclaimed funds.

Don’t let your money sit unclaimed—start your search today and see what you might be entitled to.

Remember, millions of dollars in unclaimed property are waiting to be claimed.

A little effort can lead to unexpected financial benefits, so take the initiative to check if you have unclaimed money and learn how to collect it efficiently.

Don't leave your hard-earned money unclaimed! Start your search today by reading these references:

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