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Key Takeaways:

  • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance(SNAP) is a program by the U.S federal government that provides financial support for homes struggling to pay for their food and several other nutritional needs.
  • This program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, has helped millions of low-income American households over the past years.
  • Unlike most other food programs, SNAP is available for a wide range of low-income households.
  • A family of 5's maximum monthly benefit is over $1,100 per
Here’s what you should know about qualifying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance.

People Eligible for SNAP Payment

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the federal government maintains standard eligibility requirements to be used across the nation.

However, every state can tailor them to meet its standards.

According to, eligibility for SNAP is based on your household income, combined household resources, and the employment situation of the claimant. Let’s have a closer look at these aspects:

Eligibility for SNAP Payment based on Household Income

The first eligibility criteria for SNAP payments depends on the people in a household.

Households with more people have a higher limit than homes with fewer people. However, the total amount should be below 130% of the U.S poverty threshold.

You should check the Federal poverty guidelines chart to determine whether your household meets the required limits.

The amount varies according to the number of people in a particular household and is evaluated every fiscal year.

According to SNAP, a household refers to people who live, purchase, and prepare food together.

In some states, college students, people on strike, people with particular immigration status, and drug felony convicts are not eligible for SNAP benefits, despite how small their assets or income may be.

For the net monthly income, a household should earn less or equal to the poverty line to qualify for SNAP.

Its assets should also fall below certain limits. This limit is usually higher for a household with a member at 60 years or older or a disabled member.

Income refers to all cash income from different sources, including all earned income before payroll tax deduction and unearned income like Social Security, child support, unemployment insurance, and cash assistance.

Eligibility for SNAP Based on the Claimant’s Employment Situation

Eligible SNAP claimants should not exceed a particular limit for their countable resources, including money in their bank accounts.

Again, households with a disabled person or a member aged 60 or older have a higher limit.

Please note that it’s illegal for a claimant to reduce their working hours or leave a job to meet this requirement.

They must also register for a job opening and take a job when it’s offered.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility, you can submit your information on the website to assess whether you qualify for this program.

Exceptions that Apply in the Eligibility of SNAP

The requirements stated above are general guidelines that most recipients should meet.

However, there are exceptions for certain groups that apply. For instance, if a claimant is pregnant, below 18 years old, or elderly, they may not necessarily need to satisfy these requirements.

This food support program also applies to people legally admitted into the country.

Use the Food Stamp Help page to determine whether you’re eligible if you’re a non-citizen.

You should also note that unemployed non-disabled adults between 18 and 49 children are limited to three months of this benefit unless they’re working for a minimum of 20 hours weekly or are participating in a job training program or qualifying workfare.

However, states can seek a temporary waiver for this time limit for claimants living in places with high unemployment.

The state must provide detailed data from the Labor Department proving the level of unemployment in these areas.

So, you think you may be eligible? Start here