7 Easy Steps to Finding Unclaimed Money

There is a lot of money that people don't know they can claim. Unfortunately, most of this money goes unclaimed because people don't know it exists or they don't know how to claim it. Also, those who know don't have the basic information for filing a claim. As a result, the money remains unclaimed, or scammers get a hold of tithe good news is that it's not too late to learn how to find and claim this money. You can get your share of unclaimed money with the following guidelines:

1. Determine If You Have Unclaimed Money

The first step is to find out if there is unclaimed money in your name. You can search online databases, contact the state treasurer, or hire a company to search for you. The process is critical to avoiding fraud and helps you know the source of unclaimed money for an efficient claiming process.

2. Search for Unclaimed Money

The process of searching online databases is simple. Visit MissingMoney.com or Unclaimed.org and enter your name, state, and city. If there are any results, they will show up here. However, other search sites are not as comprehensive. You can try a general Google search or check the NAUPA website to find your state's unclaimed property office.

3. Check for Unclaimed Money in Your State

If you don't have luck with the federal government, your state may be holding unclaimed money for you. Each state has its unclaimed property program, and you can search for unclaimed money on the above website or by visiting their offices in person. Some states, like California and New York, have searchable online databases where you can look for unclaimed money. Other states, like Texas, require you to fill out a claim form.

4. Check for Unclaimed Money from Life Insurance Policies

If someone close to you dies, they may have unclaimed life insurance money that goes to you. You can search for this money on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Life Insurance Policy Locator tool. On the other hand, if you had an insurance policy for someone who died, the beneficiary should contact the insurance company as soon as possible.

Such money remains unclaimed because many individuals don't even know that they are the beneficiaries, or sometimes the contact information for the beneficiary is outdated. Individuals with dormant insurance policies should also contact their insurance company and update their contact information to avoid having their money unclaimed. When you don't pay or update your insurance policy, the company assumes you've abandoned it; hence, your money becomes unclaimed.

5. Check for Unclaimed Money from Safety Deposit Boxes

If a safety deposit box has been inactive for a certain period, the contents may end up in the state. You can check for unclaimed money from safety deposit boxes in your state's unclaimed property office. Furthermore, if a bank or credit union closes, the FDIC may also have some unclaimed money from safety deposit boxes. Therefore, it's a good idea to check with your state unclaimed property office and the FDIC when searching for unclaimed money.

6. Look for Unclaimed Money from Uncashed Checks

Your state's unclaimed property division might have your uncashed checks. You can search for this money on the NAUPA website or by directly contacting your state's unclaimed property office. Also, visit your previous banks and ask if they have any record of unclaimed checks made out to you. It may look ridiculous, but it's worth the cost because you might find massive unclaimed money waiting for you.

7. Check for Unclaimed Money from Utility Deposits

You may have left a deposit with your old utility company if you've ever moved. Utility deposits are paid to the utility company to ensure you will pay your bill. The amount is approximately $200, but it can be more depending on the state. Follow the above procedures to locate the money.

There is a lot of unclaimed money out there, just waiting for rightful owners. By following the simple steps above, you can be on your way to claiming your share of this unclaimed money. However, before you start your search, you must follow the legitimate channels only. Many scams will try to exploit unsuspecting people, so do your research and only use reputable sources.


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