How to Locate and Recover Unclaimed Funds

If you have ever lost track of a bank account, forgotten about a life insurance policy, or had money sitting in an old savings account, you may be eligible to recover unclaimed funds. Every year, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds remain untouched. However, it is possible to locate and recover these assets if you follow the procedure. The following information should pave the way for you to locate and recover unclaimed funds successfully:

1. Check with Your State's Unclaimed Property Office

Each state has an unclaimed property office managing lost or forgotten assets. You can search for your state's unclaimed property office online. Once you have located the office, search for your name or your business name to locate underlying unclaimed funds.

2. Fill out A Claim Form

The claim form requires you to provide personal information, including your name, address, and Social Security number. Provide documentation to prove your identity and your relationship to the unclaimed funds. Once you have submitted the claim form, the authorities transfer the unclaimed funds to you. However, you must wait for the state to process your claim, which can take several weeks or months.

Cashing in Forgotten Money

Most people have funds that they could cash in and don't even know it. It could be from an old utility deposit, a check that got lost in the mail, or money left in a safe deposit box after a relative's death. Other sources include:

1.Cash-Back Credit Cards

The cards are a great way to earn money on everyday purchases, but you may be leaving money on the table if you're not taking advantage of all the card perks. Check your card's terms to see what you miss out on, such as extended warranties, purchase protection, or return guarantees. Many outlets cash in by offering these services for a fee, although the credit card offers them free.

2.Loyalty Programs

Do you have a stash of loyalty points just sitting around? If you've forgotten about them, it's time to cash in. Check the balance of your points and see if you can turn them into cash or merchandise. The money remains unclaimed until you cash it in, so don't forget about your points.

3.Travel Credit Card Rewards

Most people forget to redeem their travel card rewards, especially if they have multiple cards. Airlines, hotels, and rental car companies offer rewards for future travel expenses. Studies have found that Americans have over $48 billion in unclaimed rewards points, an average of $700 per household. If you've forgotten about your travel rewards, don't worry. Use the above procedure to locate your unclaimed funds and plan your next vacation. There are a few things to keep in mind when redeeming rewards points:

- Check the expiration date: Many rewards points expire after a certain period, usually 12-24 months. Confirm the expiration date before redeeming your points.

- Know the value of your points: Each reward point has a different value depending on the program. For example, one airline mile may be worth more than one hotel point. Do your research to get the most value for your points.

- Redeem for travel: Most rewards programs allow you to redeem points for travel-related expenses such as airfare, hotels, and rental cars. You can also often redeem points for gift cards or cash back, but you'll usually get more value if you redeem for travel.

4. Venmo and Paypal Forgotten Funds

The two companies represent various online transactions processed through different platforms. However, they have a process for forgotten or unclaimed funds. Users should check their email associated with the account for any Venmo or Paypal notifications. These notifications may come in the form of an easily overlooked email receipt. If users have not received any notifications, they should log into their account and check the account history for any unclaimed funds.

If users find unclaimed funds in their account history, they should take immediate action to recover the funds. Online payment platforms have unmatched customer service teams that help users recover their funds. Users can avoid any potential fees or penalties by taking immediate action to recover these funds. Besides, activate email and app notifications to ensure that you don't miss new alerts from these online transaction platforms.

Individuals can locate and recover any unclaimed or forgotten funds by following these steps. The beauty is that the funds never disappear, provided the owners present the required documentation to prove their identity and entitlement to the money. It's advisable to provide contacts of your next of kin to all accounts and remember to update any changes to avoid loss of funds in the future.

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