25 Holiday Gift Ideas For Zilch, Nada, Cero, FREE!!!

In case you are late shopper (like me) and/or short on dough! (also like me), we scoured the web for the best ideas that cost nothing, or nearly nothing. Check them out:

1. Offer your DIYer services ' housecleaning, car wash, yardwork
2. Books (the ones already on your shelf)
3. Wine (the one that was gifted to you!)
4. Puzzles (you don't want to do another time)
5. Old photos - create a digital album - my mom loved this!
6. Massage
7. Take a quick Walgreens survey and these cool products are yours
8. Cookies / or the cookie mix in a jar
9. Homemade meals (hint: Freeze them)
10. Put together a book of your favorite recipes
11. Your Art / Picassos / poems
12. Free Let's Go Brandon stickers
13. Memory jar
14. Agree to binge (your other's favorite show)
15. Museums (hugely underappreciated and many are free)
16. Buy Nothing Group
17. Babysitting
18. Pet sitting
19. Homemade ornaments
20. Anything regifted
21. Your kindness
22. Your love
23. Your presence
24. Your peace
25. Your time

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