Do You Use Seasoning in the Kitchen? You Could Qualify for a Cash Payout

If you use seasoning for cooking, a new class-action lawsuit may put cash in your pockets. According to a study conducted through the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), a total of 300.62 million Americans used seasonings and spices in 2020. Moreover, the data identifies McCormick & Company, Inc. as the bestselling seasoning brand in the country. This brand sold nearly three times as many products as private label brands in 2020. Due to allegations of false advertising, however, McCormick & Company has also faced a highly publicized class-action lawsuit. In November 2021, a settlement administrator known as the Angeion Group announced that McCormick has agreed to settle the lawsuit in the proposed amount of $3 million.

Who Can File a Claim in This Settlement?

The class-action lawsuit alleges that McCormick & Company, Inc. engaged in deceptive practices in its labeling, marketing, and advertising strategy for a range of McCormick products. According to the lawsuit, McCormick falsely labeled products as "natural" or "all natural." Since the products contained artificial ingredients, this misleading information may constitute a violation of state or federal law. Moreover, plaintiffs alleged that McCormick may have labeled the products this way to justify higher prices, thereby taking advantage of customers. Although McCormick & Company denies any wrongdoing, the company has agreed to a settlement to close out the case.

Consumers may participate in the settlement class if they purchased McCormick products labeled "natural" or "all natural" from January 2013 through September 2021. The following seasonings and spices are eligible for compensation:

  • McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasoning. This includes Fiesta Citrus, Mexican, Rotisserie Chicken, Southwest, Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper, and Savory All-Purpose seasoning editions.

  • McCormick Gourmet Recipe and Seasoning. This includes Bourbon Spiced Pork, Creamy Parmesan and Sun Dried Tomato Penne, Garlic and White Wine Chicken Scaloppine, Herbs de Provence Chicken and Potatoes, Smoked Paprika Chicken Taco, and Smoked Sausage Pepper Creole Jambalaya seasoning editions.

McCormick also produces a range of spices, recipe mixes, extracts, and food coloring. If you need clarification on whether your purchase qualified as "natural" or "all natural," you can view the full listing on or contact the administrator at 1-855-557-0058.

When Should I File My Claim and Get Cash for This Settlement?

McCormick & Company has agreed to a settlement in the amount of $3 million. This amount pays settlement class members who submit their claims in a timely fashion. In addition, this amount must pay for attorney expenses, class notices, administrative costs, and plaintiff incentive awards that the court approves during the final hearing.

Consumers who submit a valid claim form along with proof of purchase can receive a cash payment of $1 for each product. This payout has no limit or cap. This means that consumers are entitled to unlimited award reimbursement as long as they can verify with receipts. If you no longer have proof of purchase, you can still qualify for the cash payout. Simply complete and submit the valid claim form regarding your McCormick purchases. Consumers without proof of purchase can receive payments of $1 per purchase up to a maximum of 15 products total.

Individuals who do not agree to the terms of the settlement can exclude themselves by December 21, 2021. This means that these individuals can pursue their own legal action against McCormick (at their own personal expense). Because of the terms of the settlement, individuals who do not exclude themselves forfeit the right to sue McCormick over this issue once this settlement resolves.

Consumers who wish to remain the settlement (but object specific terms) can request that their personal lawyers speak at the final hearing. Consumers should file any such request by December 21, 2021. Otherwise, consumers with no objections do not need to hire their own lawyers or take further legal action. Simply visit to download the claim form for cash payment.

To finalize this class-action lawsuit, the court has scheduled the final approval hearing for January 11 at the United States District Court of Western New York. Consumers must submit their valid claim forms no later than 90 days after the final approval hearing. As with any class-action lawsuit, the final cash payout may undergo adjustment based on the number of claim forms received.

How Do I Join in Similar Class-Action Settlements?

The Angeion Group confirms that there are several related class-action lawsuits still in litigation. Participants in the current settlement class can receive automatic notification of future settlements unless they decide to opt out. Remaining notified of ongoing cases can ensure that you receive the right payout for your qualifying claim.

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