Now that there is more news that is paid attention to, people are starting to pay attention to the amount of members of law enforcement that are getting fired or arrested. One of the most recent firings of note is the now former FBI Special Agent that ref

Biggest Headache

One thing that people need to realize is that members of law enforcement may not get punished, no matter what evidence is provided. This is because there are politics involved that could keep someone breaking public trust from dealing with any repercussions. Members of the attorney general's office or district attorney's office work closely with law enforcement and can be reluctant to fight to get them convicted. There is also the fact that most people are not willing to believe that people who wear a badge are going to commit a crime while carrying a badge.

Money Tempts

One of the biggest reasons that police officers or federal agents become corrupted is either greed or the need for money. Some members of law enforcement get into selling drugs, trafficking people for primarily sexual reasons, or plain theft. Police officers and federal agents are supposed to be monitored to make sure they do not build excessive debt or are spending money that does not seem to come from legal means. This fails if they can hide this or if more members are corrupted. This is also done to enrich departments themselves via civil asset forfeiture from people who never commit crimes.

Excessive Force

Police are now more likely to be fired or arrested for excessive force since it has started becoming national news about incidents. Local jurisdictions are also having to consider that the Department of Justice is now more willing to prosecute the case if it fails on a local level. That still does not protect people completely, as officers still get away without any punishment. The only reason that the cop who killed Tamir Rice was fired was because he lied on his job application to get accepted into the Cleveland police department.

Domestic Abuse

One of the more interesting ratios that people may not be aware of is the fact that members of law enforcement are more likely to commit domestic abuse than any other profession. The minimum percentage that experts have been able to figure out is that at least forty percent of law enforcement abuse members of their own family. It is said that this is only who reports the crime, as many spouses and children do not feel that the other police officers will take the situation seriously or will protect others who have a badge. This also is added in to the fact that most victims recant.

Find Help

There are three ways for people to address law enforcement members committing crimes. One is to contact the local district attorney, or whatever the state prosecutor's office is called in the state. Another is to contact the federal Attorney General's office in the area. The last option is to go to the media and get the story big enough that the authorities have to do something. All three require proof, but these are the only way to get any justice when a member of law enforcement has violated the laws that they have sworn to uphold.

There are many people that get sworn in that have never broken the law or violated the trust of the citizens they protect. The problem is that police believe they have to protect all other cops, no matter what they have done. This is what has caused the environment that is making police seem like the bad guys in the social narrative of this nation. There are still cops that would run into burning buildings and risk their lives, but this is overshadowed by brutal thugs that became a member of law enforcement for a power trip. There are solutions, but people have to work to get them accomplished.

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