Most people have never heard of Nat Turner's slave rebellion that happened in Virginia in 1831. The main thing that people need to know is the aftermath and how it affected people who were not slaves, but still shared the same skin color. These laws have

The Rebellion

In August 1831, a slave who was a preacher riled up slaves. The preacher was Nat Turner, and the slaves were tired of being slaves. What started as seven men turned into dozens, and they killed 55 whites in their push to become free. The whites were the owners of the plantations and farms in the area. No white was left alive, including the women and children. The local government in Southampton County gathered the militia and put the rebellion down. This led to many slaves and free blacks being taken to court and then hanged as the consequence.

Religion Limited

After the insurrection, it became illegal for any slave, free black, or person of mixed heritage that included black from assembling with others of their ethnicities and hearing a black preacher. They were allowed to gather for white preachers, but any black or, as referred to at the time, mulatto preacher would lead to punishment. Even white preachers needed to have written permission to be able to preach to people of the class that was listed. The free blacks and mulattoes were considered bound to either their employers or whichever white that they owed something. They had to give their permission.

Gun Ownership

After the rebellion, anyone who was black was not allowed to own a firearm, which was considered a weapon of war at that time. This rhetoric is used to this day, and legislative bodies continue to find reasons to keep people from owning firearms. The Virginia legislature wanted all free blacks and mulattoes to turn in the firearms they owned. The legislature even allowed for informants to check to see if those who were supposed to did as they were ordered. The free black community of Israel Hill in Prince Edward County had local whites lend them shotguns if they went hunting.

Modern Events

In several places around the world, the modern churches have been raided and made illegal by countries that claim they are free. In China, there have been many churches that have been raided by the government as a part of their wanting to control religion within the nation. Germany has been raiding churches because they claim that they are spreader events for COVID-19. The same reason has been used in the UK and Canada to do the same raids. A California church won a lawsuit against the state for barring the congregation from their building.

Racist Laws

There are many people that have looked through the weapons laws in the United States. The start of gun and weapon control in what is now the United States started to keep them out of the hands of blacks and mulattoes. The laws of today keep women from being able to protect themselves from larger attackers. Many of the neighborhoods that have the highest crimes are in areas where law abiding citizens are barred from protecting themselves while criminals have access. In racist communities in places like the south, blacks were bullied by those weapons while they were not allowed them.

The laws of early America show the ways that those who hold power want to continue to. There were innocent people killed by the people that followed Nat Turner, but those men were frustrated by having no rights as slaves. Modern religious groups are still being raided by government if they do not show they are subservient to government before whom they worship. People who are needing far more than promises of protection by local government are not allowed weapons while being bullied by those with them. This has been the way of government that is controlled by those wanting to keep control for their own kind.

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