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FindUnclaimedAssets is committed to helping Americans utilize the millions of dollars that exists in grant money to better their education, career, and lives. Our staff has carefully selected helpful documents and information from various government agencies, reviewed it, and prepared it for your benefit.

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Michael Bordonada - Originally from New Hampshire, Michael now enjoys writing on the scenic coast of Los Angeles. He's a communications major at UCLA set to graduate in 2021. When not writing, he can frequently be found on the beach surfing or checking out the local music scene.

Mary Singleton - Mary and her husband, Jeff, are both life-long natives of Austin, Texas. Mary has been passionate about writing since she earned her BA in English from the University of Texas. She writes about topics ranging from housing to job security and everything in between.

Kelly Cooke - Kelly has been writing for FindUnclaimedAssets for over a year and takes great satisfaction in knowing readers benefit from her research. She spends time helping readers in housing related areas especially, having gone through the process herself a few years ago. Kelly and her dog, Rough, reside in the mountains of Denver, Colorado. When she's not writing, she can be found breathing in the fresh air and taking in the view.

Jacob Greene - Jake, currently a graduate student in Washington where he is working towards a master's degree in communication, is passionate about writing and researching. He has previously written extensively about the housing process and is even studying the socio-economics of the house purchasing cycle for his graduate thesis. When not writing for FindUnclaimedAssets, he can be found in the sky flying, one of the benefits of having a private pilot's license.

Monica Jackson - The newest memeber to the team, Monica, an avid real estate enthusiast, has expertise in several areas of real estate. A real estate agent of over 10 years, she specializes in first time home buying for those who aren't familiar with the process. She enjoys lending her expertise to FindUnclaimedAssets and frequently contributes articles. When not working, she can be found hiking or running with her three dogs, all rescues from nearby shelters.
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